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Handwashing stations in the slums of Naorobi

Due to the corona crisis The Healthy Teeth Foundation could not travel to Africa thos year for a new project. Therefore, founder Alice Grasveld has stated a collaboration with befriended, local organizations in the slums to build handwashing stations where people can wash their hands with water and soap. Read more about this:

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Viva400 award

On the 12th of December 2019 I won the Viva400 Awards in the category 'World Improver' with my projects for The Healthy Teeth Foundation.

Handenwas stations in de sloppenwijken van Nairobi'

Door de Corona crisis kon The Healthy Teeth Foundation helaas niet naar Afrika dit jaar voor een project. Daarom heeft oprichtster Alice Grasveld de handen ineengeslagen met een aantal organisaties va


Chair: Maarten Grasveld

Secretary: Alice Grasveld

Treasurer: Robert Bolleurs

Member: Annelies Kraaijenhagen-Oostinga

Member: Britte Teunissen-Korving



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