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The Healthy Teeth Foundation was founded in November 2018. It is my dream that every child on earth can go to school, unfortunately 50%- 80% of all children in slums in Africa and Asia suffer from tooth decay. Toothache is one of the main reasons of school absenteeism and of lack of self-esteem. Because of toothache children do not attend school, which is disastrous for their future. For education is the only way to escape the poverty trap. Nelson Mandela rightfully stated: 

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ 

The Foundation’s objectives are:
1)    To address tooth decay in underprivileged, school going children, at home and abroad, in deprived areas and slums, by simple means and in a way fitting the local context.
2)    To improve oral health for these vulnerable children.
3)    To prevent toothache among these children and so reduce school absenteeism.
4)    To improve these children’s general health, quality of life, education, self-esteem, and in doing so improve their future.

The foundation tries to pursue its objectives by:
1)    Carrying out (participatory action) research (for explanation PAR see ) into poor, school going children (at home or abroad) in disadvantaged areas or slums.
2)    Where possible, drawing up an action plan together with the local community to improve oral health among children.
3)    Understanding of the stakeholders that influence oral health among children.
4)    Activating and facilitating stakeholders in solving the problems.
5)    Providing advice and education on oral hygiene for poor school children and their parents (at home and abroad) in deprived areas/slums.
6)    Starting preventative tooth brushing projects in schools.
7)    Supplying information on nutrition to children, parents, and teachers.
8)    Where possible, giving preventative dental care to children
9)    Cooperating with other Dental Care Professionals or Universities.
10)    Cooperating with local CBOs and/or NGOs to create sustainable projects on a continuous basis.
11)    Collecting money and means in the widest sense of the word.
12)    Seeking publicity and using social media.
13)    Carrying out research (for remuneration) into public oral health, providing advice, formulating a specific policy for other organisations of governmental bodies. 

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